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Magic: The Gathering

I've been dabbling with collectible cards of many types since 1999, and along the way I've accumulated a LOT of extra Magic singles (and some other interesting tidbits). I list singles and old rulebooks & strategy guides on Ebay as auctions, but when the auctions aren't running you can find them all for sale on my Shopify store.

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Handmade Jewellery

Making jewellery is a hobby of mine. When I had 'gifted' as much jewellery as I could to my friends and family I started selling on Etsy and in my Shopify store. My specialty is a bracelet made from a combination of chainmail and stretchy bands - no clasps for your fingers to fumble on! My most poplular item is a continuous loop of fine crocheted cotton with beads, which can be worn as a necklace or looped around your wrist as a bracelet.

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Crocheted Afghans

I recently rediscovered a passtion for crocheting. I first learned to crochet as a child visiting my grandparents on summer vacations, but it seems that in recent months I just can't stop making afghans! Again, after making one for each of my family members, I decided to put some up for sale on Etsy and in my Shopify store. Some have already been completed and are ready for shipping; some will be custom made when you select a size.

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Jewellery Findings

Make your own jewellery! I specialize in smaller quantities of common items you need to make beautiful jewellery for your family and friends.

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Fashion Jewellery

Great prices on fashion jewellery - gifts for friends or a treat for yourself!

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