Hi, I’m Jennifer. I design unique bracelets using stainless steel rings and latebraceletx-free stretchy bands.  I was tired of not being able to find bracelets that fit me – everything was always too small, and those little ‘lobster clasps’ were so hard to operate.  But I wanted something a little different than the typical stretch bracelet, just a handful of beads strung together.  That’s when I thought to combine the stainless steel rings used to make chainmail with the stretch bands my niece was weaving together.  Adding some beads changed the look, and presto! I had a series of designs no one had ever seen before!

My other pafghan_006assion is crochet. I think there’s nothing nicer than curling up with a cozy afghan that was handmade, or giving a baby blanket toCGOA_logo a friend knowing it was made with love by a real person. Some designs I can make on demand, and some are one of a kind. All are made only by me using the finest materials available.

And finally there’s my hobby – collecting Magic: The Gathering cards. Deck Box I’m trying to put together a full set for myself but that means I’m accumulating a lot of duplicates along the way. Ebay is still the best place to see what I’ve got for sale (I list a few thousand cards by auction a couple of times a month) but I have some listed here.

This website is eventually going to be one stop shopping for everything I sell on

as “cardzonejen”, and on

as “Jennifer Fair Designs”.



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